singer/songwriter/guitarist/bassplayer/drummer/keyboarder & producer :-)

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Jo Oliver writes songs, sings and plays all applied instruments predominantly by himself.                    # soul rock

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"THE ULTIMATE ONE-MAN-BAND! ... AMAZING VOICE" (quotation by JJKANE, Radio-DJ from England) more information here...

Who I am

I had my first paid gig (as a guitar player) when I was 14-year-old teenager – only one year after my first guitar lesson. Since then many live gigs and studio sessions have been added. As a guitar player, composer, arranger and producer I can look back on a number of releases (CDs, radio and film music productions), but I have discovered the singing only recently….


My Music

“It`s all about song!” The song lies in the main focus of my creative work as an artist.

I try to shape everything else accordingly and support the song. In doing so, I have been writing tracks as I would gladly hear them on the radio myself..:-)

My music is certainly a style mix of rock & pop, funk & soul: it`s a soul-rock!


Musical Influences

I am indeed listening to a great many music styles like rock, classic music, jazz and world music, but for sure musicians & bands like Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Aretha Franklin, Mother's Finest, Deep Purple, John Miles, Earth Wind & Fire, Eric Clapton / Cream, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, Santana etc. had the greatest influence on me (anything that grooves)


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Jo Oliver with 5-string Bass - all pictures 2017 by Magdalena Szorc
Jo Oliver with 5-string Bass - all pictures 2017 by Magdalena Szorc

Music is my passion! Although I have been making music for a very long time and stood on countless stages, a number of various events have prevented me from advancing my own music project actively over the recent years. Even if – in the broadest sense - I still have to do with music professionally as a publisher and text-book author, I hereby would like to start a project which will pull me away from my desk a bit, fulfill my new-discovered passion for singing and give me more space to play various instruments, which I mainly record by myself in my studio.


Further information on my publishing house & label:


Gratitude: When being a teenager you tell people around you that you would like to become a professional musician you are not necessarily getting much support for this idea. On the contrary, you are mostly treated with scepticism and reserve. Nevertheless, today I can look back on a lot of assistance of my friends, family and other musicians and I am very grateful for their support and for those many people & colleagues who accompanied and guided me into my musical independence.


Two people are of particular importance for my „Jo Oliver“-project: I would like to thank sincerely my fiancée Magdalena S. for her great support in realization of this project and also our mutual friend Claudia B. for constant bolstering me up  - she was the first  enthusiastic test listener of my singing performance (demos)!