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I have been making a living from music in the widest sense for many years. I gave guitar lessons, made jingle productions & wrote editorial articles for music magazines and made my living in this way in the earlier days. In the meantime, to bring home the bacon I worked as a live & studio musician and music producer while nowadays I primarily write textbooks and publish my works as an independent music publisher. During these many years of my professional music independency there were quite a number of co-operations and also publications with other artists, publishing houses and labels. I also wrote, composed, arranged and produced songs for various artists and contributed to many different music productions as producer and / or arranger.  Today I am largely a self-marketing musician.



While in the past my musical work took place in the background, I am now breaking completely new ground as an artist performing my own songs! Thank to all the people who encouraged me to take the step!                                                                                                                                                 HOME


Jo Oliver: I discovered the singing only a few years ago, but yet it has become my new passion!
Jo Oliver: I discovered the singing only a few years ago, but yet it has become my new passion!

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The common thread running through all the years of my creative work as a musician & as an author is and remains my strong passion for composing and writing songs. Since the sound of the language is of an immense importance to me (I was strongly influenced by English & American music in my younger days), I am singing in the English language even if I have to face the challenge as a lyricist every now and then. But this way it sounds best to my ears...:-)



Considering that I have already been with music for so many years I really do not know where to start the telling. Therefore, the contents of this website will be updated gradually and I hope I will be able to describe all the aspects of my creative work in the course of time.                                                HOME