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the groove of Funk meets the power of Rock & the spirit of Soul: Jo Oliver

Check out my latest single "Isolation Has No Good Vibration" (Funk Rock).

Featured by TunedLoud Radio - quote: "So the brand new single “Isolation Has No Good Vibration” shines in the funk rock genre (hand played musical instruments!) with an incredibly rich sound, very catchy hooklines and style defining set vocals. Release date was March 11, 2022." ...

"The songwriter and multi-instrumentalist finally discovered his love for singing and now writes songs in an unmistakable Jo-Oliver sound with rocking guitars, funky riffs and grooves and the depth of soul. “The Spirit Of Soul Meets The Groove Of Funk And The Power Of Rock!” is how you could describe this sound."   Listen on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Amazon,

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