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Since I have been singing for a relatively short period of time (apart from backing vocals…) and my artistic project “ Jo Oliver” has just recently started I would like to present some of my songs I pulled out of the drawer and which I will soon re-record and produce completely new as well as some demos. I hope that I will be able to provide a completed album in 2018…

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„Shine On (You)“: This song composed in 2017 is possibly a perfect example of what I musically like the best: shuffle grooves, distorted guitar riffs, rock & soul influences as well as various backing vocals.




A video is in the pipeline and when everything goes smoothly, I will release this song – it is about gratitude in the broadest sense – in late summer 2017...


"Shine On (You)" (demo excerpt)
Demo excerpt of my song “Shine On (You)” composed in 2017, all instruments played by myself, vocals and backing vocals sung also by myself…
Shine On (Demo-sample).mp3
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“Testify”: a soul-rock song which I had already composed in 2001. Joe Cocker`s former record label was looking for new songs for him and I asked Richard Palmer-James (Ex-SUPER-TRAMP) if he had been interested to write lyrics for it – unfortunately our submission was too late… But nevertheless, MIKO (Ex-Neonbabies) & Thomas Wohlfahrt (the german StarSearch-finalist) interpreted this song – the latter version entered Hey Music Charts of the Berlin radio station RBB at number 12. Here you can listen to my own version (demo-version) as an acoustic mix (acoustic guitar, acoustic bass & drums).


“Testify” (acoustic mix demo excerpt)
Demo excerpt of my song “Testify” – only with acoustic instruments all played by myself. Lyrics by Richard Palmer-James

Vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass & drums by Jo Oliver

Backing vocals by Shannon Callahan
Testify (Demo sample).mp3
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 “Waiting for my man”:  A rock-like song out of “my drawer” which I will soon re-record. For the demo purpose I have recorded it quickly singing and playing all the instruments but I am going to re-record it properly when I only find the time.


This song is one of the very few which I have composed but have not written the lyrics…




Here you can clearly identify my preferences regarding the guitar sound and backing vocals…


“Waiting for my man” (you ape like a spy) – demo excerpt
A small excerpt of the present demo pre-production of the song.
Vocals, guitar, bass & keys by Jo Oliver
Lyrics by Gero Cassini
waiting for my man (Demo-sample).mp3
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Living in a madhouse (demo excerpt): It is so amazing how the technology has changed! Using this 8-track demo (recorded on an old Fostex audio tape machine) of my former project “Grooveattack” (together with the singer Patrick Quintin) I won the “Gitarre & Bass” (guitar & bass) musical journal competition in 1997. Nowadays, there is virtually unlimited number of audio tracks you can use thanks to the digital studio technology.  Soon I will also re-record this song and sing it myself as well…


“Living in a madhouse” (demo excerpt)
An excerpt of my 20-year-old 8-track demo of my “Grooveattack” project with the singer Patrick Quintin.

Composition, lyrics & guitar by Jo Oliver
Madhouse Demo-sample).mp3
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Jamtracks for lead-instruments Vol.1 - in all 12 keys
Jamtracks for lead-instruments Vol.1 - in all 12 keys
Jamtracks for lead-instr. Vol.2 - modal Grooves
Jamtracks for lead-instr. Vol.2 - modal Grooves
Jamtracks for lead-instruments Vol.3 - Blues
Jamtracks for lead-instruments Vol.3 - Blues