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Jo Oliver

Soul-Rock                                   ("Shine On (You)" ranks on pos. 6 /  january 19th 2018)

The power of love                      ("Shine On (You)" ranks on pos. 2 /  january 19th 2018)

Soul/Rock/Funk Dance-Tracks   ("Shine On (You)" ranks on pos. 20 /  january 20th 2018)

New Songs 2018                       ("Shine On (You)" ranks on pos. 104 /  january 19th 2018)

Awesome indie                          ("Shine On (You)" ranks on pos. 1 /  october 18th 2018)

soulful Rock                               ("Shine On (You)" ranks on pos. 8 /  october 18th 2018)

Music Discovery Rock                ("Shine On (You)" ranks on pos. 49 /  october 18th 2018)