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NEWS: Jo Oliver has been awarded by the German Rock & Pop Award 2021 (DRMV) in the categorie "best song" !

Excerpt from the cover letter of the award (German Rock & Pop Award by DRMV)
Excerpt from the cover letter of the award (German Rock & Pop Award by DRMV)


Check out the full award (39th celebration in 2021) with cover letter by "Deutsche Pop Stiftung" below...

Jo Oliver: Background, References & Awards



The Berlin-based singer, composer, arranger, producer, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, textbook author and music publisher with civil name Jörg Sieghart worked for years as a "sideman" on stage or as a producer , arranger, instrumentalist (guitars, bass, keyboards) in the studio for other artists. Since he discovered singing for himself late, it was only in 2017 that he released his own single for the first time under his artist name "Jo Oliver" - "Shine On (You)" (Soul-Rock) - which has since been streamed over 750,000 times on Spotify alone (feb. 2022) and played by many international radio stations.


The artist, who has a background in electric guitar studies at both the "Munich Guitar Institute" (MGI) and the "American Institute of Music" (AIM) in Vienna, made most of his living playing live music in the 90s, with up to 160 gigs a year. Live and/or in the studio he collaborated with various producers, artists, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers, including: Colin Pearson (discoverer of ALPHAVILLE with hits like "Big in Japan"), Keith Tynes (ex-Platters), Richard Palmer-James (ex-SUPERTRAMP), MIKO (ex-Neonbabies and Grimme Award winner), Songs Of Lemuria (with Nik Page, ex-Blind Passengers), Thomas Wohlfahrt (Finalist StarSearch), Gunter Gabriel, Toni Nissl (Ex-Rio Reiser Band), Bill Courtney (Ex Stevie Wonder Band), Voggenreiter Publishing, Peermusic Publishing, Whale Songs Publishing, BMG, SFB, ZDF, MDR, EMI Publishing and many more...


* With the song "Livin' In A Madhouse"
(which will soon also be released as a Jo Oliver interpretation...) written by him (under his civil name Jörg Sieghart) the rock project "Groove@ttack" could win the IDPC contest of the musician's magazine "Gitarre & Bass" (guitar & bass): The song became opener of the compilation "Rock/Alternative 3/1997".

* He helped the band "Calaita", which he co-produced, to win the "YoungStar Award" / 2004 at Radio Antenne MV (the biggest radio station in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) with the song "Control", which he co-wrote.

* For the "environmental song" of the project "Songs Of Lemuria", composed and produced by him as well as lyricized together with Nik Page, there was a documentary award from DM and UNESCO in the context of the initiative environmental song.

* In spring 2020, the song "Get The Sun In Your Head", produced by Jörg Sieghart (= Jo Oliver) and co-written with the artist / performer "Gliffo" , received an award from an international jury at the international songwriting competition "Song Of The Year". The top-class jury included international artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Alicia Keys, The Edge (U2), Gwen Stefani, Dave Grohl (Nirvana)...

* The US-American portal "Ranker" lists Jo Oliver in the list of the best Soul & Rock artists "The Best Soul Rock Band/Artists" under the Top20. (Whereby he slipped up to number 7 in the meantime...).

 * The German Pop Foundation (
Deutsche Pop Stiftung for DRMV  - Deutscher Rock Musikerverband) awarded Jo Oliver on the occasion of the 39th German Rock & Pop Award 2021 in the category "best song (English-language)"!

(See cover letter, screenshots below...)


 * The newcomer "Gliffo", produced by me, won 5 awards at the 39th German Rock & Pop Awards 2021, including the categories "best single", "best song", "best studio recording" and "best composition" for music titles that I  composed and produced for my friend Gliffo!

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German Rock & Pop Award 2021 for Jo Oliver
German Rock & Pop Award 2021 for Jo Oliv
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press release about the "Umweltsong": Project "Song Of Lemuria" (music: Jörg Sieghart (artist name = Jo Oliver), lyrics: Jörg Sieghart & Nik Page), awarded by UNSECO & DM:  "Initiative Umweltsong" by Jörg Sieghart & Tunesday Team -